Monday, July 20, 2009

Karizma Chhuak Thar Tur ZMR PGM-Fi? chuan Karizma chhuak thar a awm dawn niin a tarlang a, he Karizma chhuak thar tur hi Karizma ZMR PGM-Fi tih a ni ang tiin he website-ah hian tarlan a ni.

Bajaj-in pulsar thar a ti chhuak a, Yamaha-in Fazer a tih chhuahna pawh a la rei lo, TVS-in Apache 180 an ti chhuak ta bawk a, Hero Honda hian Karizma thar hi hun rei lo teah an tih chhuah ngei a rinawm a ni tiin he website-ah hian tarlan a ni.

A engine specifications chu tumahin an la hre bik lo a, Rear disk break a hmang dawn niawmin he website hian a sawi a, a tail light pawh LED a ni tawh dawn niin a sawi bawk. A man pawh nuai 1 vel a nih a rinawm niin he website hian a la ti cheu!

Aizawl-a Hero Honda dealer Khaia & Sons Managing Director H. Lalfakzuala chuan hemi chungchanga Zozam zawhna chhangin, "Model thar a chhuah dawn hian hriattir lawk kan ni ngai lo a, meeting tur an tia, kan kal a, tah chuan kan hre chawp mai thin," a ti. "He website-ina an tarlan Karizma model chhuak thar tur ni awm tak hi a tak tak a nih leh nih loh kan hre mai lo a, a tak tak a nih chuan a chhuak har tawh lo ang." a ti bawk.

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  1. how much this bike ?

  2. Some times we ignore the promotion freebies that come with the motor oil that we buy.. Recently i bought a Castrol promotion pack for my bike but wasn't informed by the dealer that the scratch card offer to enter the lucky draw to go to South Africa World cup games and the dealer has assured gifts that we can collect at the time of purchase. Make sure you ask your service dealers for the contest details if you buy one in the near future and collect your assured gift :)